Ghostwriting Packages

So, you want to write a book. Or you’ve been told that you should write a book, because you have a story to tell. Maybe you’ve got this message or story, that’s been swirling around in your mind for years.

But you don’t have the time or the talent to write it. You have no idea where or how to start. We’re here to help. Say “Hello” to your new ghostwriter. We even have different packages for the different kinds of clients who, from experience, we have come to expect:

The Shooting Star Package is what you need if you’re a veteran at the top of your game, either trying to diversify, or sell an existing image or project. Newly retired CEO who’s well respected in your industry and looking for something to boost your credibility as a consultant or speaker? Celebrity with a lot to say, but your full calendar won’t let you sit down and write? Incumbent or outgoing president who wants to talk about his/her personal and political triumphs and trials? Party hopeful or gubernatorial aspirant who wants voters to hear and see “the real you”? We’ve got you covered!

The person who needs the Elevated Star Package is a survivor. Literally.  Something has happened to or around you, that you didn’t think you’d survive. You might have fought in a war. You and/or your company have survived boardroom battles, mergers and hostile take-overs. You may have survived domestic violence, an accident or some other kind of tragic event. You might have come through an operation or condition, where the doctors thought your chances of survival were slim to none. Maybe your baby has come through such an operation or condition, now you want to talk to others who might be going through the same thing. You may have been through certain beautiful or painful things in your life, and now you want to inspire or warn others. Maybe you saw some of these things happen to someone. Or you have a fiction story in mind that is based on survival or sounds like it would inspire others. We want to hear from you.

Maybe, the Memoirs & Memories Package is what you’re after. So, your mother or father has just passed away and you don’t want anyone to forget what a beautiful, amazing soul they were. Maybe, you want to create something for them, before they pass on. Or a landmark birthday is coming up soon and you want to give your beloved father/mother/grandparent/aunt/uncle/relative and their guests a reason to smile through tears, as they reminisce. We can help make that a reality.

Then, there’s the Kingmaker Package. It’s for those without whom the shooting stars would be unheard of. So, you want this package if you’re a coach or mentor to sporting, entertainment, political, financial and other greats. Or an industry gate-keeper who wants to tell those with stars in their eyes, what to watch out for. You may even be the formerly famous person who wants to come out of retirement and bask in the spotlight, again. Maybe, you’re a business person with a product or service whose ideas and results promise to be groundbreaking. Want to raise your profile? If you contact us, we’ll work with you to make the magic you desire.

 What about the Business Boost Package? This is for you, if you are an entrepreneur or SME that needs an eBook or PDF to send out to your mailing list, or to use in growing your mailing list. Or you need some content for the brochure you want your prospective clients to see. Whatever it is, we’d like to hear from you.

Even if you’re not sure which of the categories above you’d fall into, but you still need a ghostwriter, contact us.